The Mortuary Collection – Horror Feature Film


“Remember when horror was scary and fun? In the 80s, the lines that defined cinematic genre were less rigid. Gremlins were household pets and movie monsters were sculpted works of art, not computer generated creatures. THE MORTUARY COLLECTION is a love-letter to that era, a time when all things weird and wonderful seemed possible.

THE MORTUARY COLLECTION is a stylized (live-action) horror anthology film that fuses the surreal storytelling of The Twilight Zone with the goopy aesthetics of Tales From The Crypt. Loaded with unexpected twists, dark humor and genuine scares, The Mortuary Collection is classic horror for a contemporary audiences.” – Trapdoor Productions

Vendetta Productions INC built and painted the library set, the furnace set, and was apart of various other Art Department projects throughout the Astoria portion of shooting. CNC work on the Ravens End and Mortuary Signs by Vendetta Productions; signs were painted and designed by Kati Simon.

Project Details

Client: Trapdoor Pictures
Release Date: April 2018

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