PDX Live – Homegrown, cruelty-free sketch comedy


TV Show Synopsis:

“PDX Live” ® is an invaluable platform built to nurture the creative minds of Portland, Oregon, Vancouver and its diverse and talented television and film community. Combining the talents of independent filmmakers, filmmakers, writers, actors, and crews into a screen quality, well-made, inspiring and wholesome Comedy / Variety Television Show. All of those involved with “PDX Live”® are and will have roots in Portland, Oregon, or the Vancouver area of the Pacific Northwest. Our vision is to expose our well deserved local talent to a national market, inasmuch, we wish to become the launching pad for this talent, as was done with such shows as, Laugh In, Hee Haw, and Saturday Night Live. The “PDX Live”®, platform is designed and operated by award-winning, independent filmmakers, filmmakers who have happily made the Pacific Northwest their home.

Vendetta Productions INC built and managed two custom sets, and a custom news-stand for the pilot episode, and will continue work as the production commences its first Season!

Project Details

Client: PDX Live, Rocky Ma’nos
Release Date: May 1st 2014

Key Features:

  • Set for Star Wars Hoth sketch
  • Set for Recording Studio sketch
  • Custom News-Stand for Host
  • Pilot Episode only

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